Six (6) Essential Things You Should Never Leave the House Without.

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It's been a busy week for me and I've had to rush out of the house most of the time.

Despite this fact I made sure I always had what I call my ESSENTIALS with me. These guys have a way of making my day easier, no matter how stressful it is.

I honestly think everyone should have if not all, but at least one of them with them every day and to anywhere.

I know you'd like to know what they are, So I'm going to share them with you 

1. My Wallet: 

My wallet contains all my bank cards and identification cards.

You should have it with you all the time because you never can tell when you'll need to show an identification. 

2. A Hand Sanitizer 

After a handshake I use it, when I step out of a cab I use it, after visiting the rest room I use it. 

You should have this with you at all times because it kills germs that could cause severe health damage

3. A Mini Oil Perfume
Your Scent is your Silent Identity which is why you need to smell nice all the time.

There's always one in my bag, for a retouch before stepping into a new place, when there's a bad odour lingering around. 

It's an essential item you must have. Their prices range from N500 - N100k or even more. You can get the one that fits your budget to ensure you smell nice at all times.

I got my invictus from @lavishandluxaccessories on IG. They have a wide variety you can choose from.

4. A Pen

I make sure I always have a pen with me, for times when I need to take down an address or give my contact address, sign a document, take down an instruction and also for the times when I receive Inspiration I put into writing.

Having a pen with you at all times gives an aura of seriousness and preparedness. Never leave your house without one.

5. My Sunglasses

I'm very particular about protecting my skin from the sun. Since sunscreen can't be used on the eyes or around it and sunglasses can, I take my sunglasses to any and every where I go to.

 If you think they aren't important you're wrong, they protect the eyes and the skin around the eyes from Ultra Violet (UV) Sunday damage.

I'm very fancy with my sunglasses as you can see so it doubles as a fashion accessory for me.

6. My Charger: 
I'm always on my phone, especially when I'm waiting in a queue or for an appointment or when I'm reading a novel or chatting on social media so my battery tends to run down faster than it should.

I always take my charger with me to anywhere so that I can  recharge my phone and to avoid being stranded or told no when I ask for another person's own.

So that's it for today guys. I hope you've been able to learn a few things from this post. If you have any suggestions leave a comment. Feel free to share

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