Healthy Living: Smoothie Series & Recipes

Hi everyone and welcome back to Life Being Vade. Today I'll be sharing with you guys one of my healthy living tips which is drinking smoothies.

I'm a huge fan of organic products not just in skincare but also with my food

You may wonder, how come she drinks smoothies and she's not fat? You're not the only one with this thought, some have even bothered to ask.

Well, let me give you some reasons why you should take smoothies
1. It detoxifies the body.
2. It improves the skin and you know I'm all about skincare
3. It boosts brain power.
4. It improves bone health.
5. It prevents heart disorders.

Read more about the importance of smoothies here

So now that you've gained this knowledge, it's time to learn the recipe to make one for yourself and begin your healthy living journey.

I'm sharing with you guys the recipe for The AvoBanana Smoothie. 

STEP 1: Source the Ingredients 
1. 1c Avocado
2. 4 Bananas
3. Apples (1 c)
4. Groundnut (1/4 c)
5. A glass of milk (diary)
6. Ice cubes 

P.s If you're a vegetarian you can use your regular plant based milk.
Also, ensure that all the fruits are ripe
It makes the blending process easier
▪They are less acidic

▪Wash the fruits with warm water and salt   -2x
▪Slice the apples into cube or dice shapes
▪Slice the bananas 
▪Cut the avocado and scoop out

▪Pour the fruits into the blender.
▪Pour the milk.
▪Pour the ice cubes in.

STEP 4: 
▪Blend until it's smooth.

An Aerial View of  Yummy Goodness

Pour into a glass 
▪Take with a snack OR
▪Take it as a Meal 

That will be all for today.
I'll be dropping more recipes here
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