Featured: Sonia Anthony (A Passionate Humanitarian and Volunteer)

  Hello everyone and welcome back to Life Being Vade. I've got something for you guys today. I stated earlier on the blog that this year I'd add another category specially for featuring people young who are setting the trail in their various career path& and this is the first post in fulfilment of that, expect more! Now lets get to the business of the day.

  So, today the Spotlight is on a Smart, Charismatic and Beautiful Lady who is very interesting and whose career path will inspire you. Dear friends meet Sonia Ifeyinwa Anthony.  She is a Humanitarian, Serial Volunteer and a Logistics Broker.
Sonia after one of her volunteer works

        Kindly Tell Life Being Vade readers about yourself

 Hi, my name is Anthony Sonia Ifeyinwa. I'm a graduate of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

 I'm a Jack of little trades, lol. I'm an affiliate marketer, a logistics broker and a finance manager for an NGO. Above all this I'm a Humanitarian who's ever willing to volunteer my services wholeheartedly when a need arises.

   What inspires you?
The gift of life inspires me daily. I go to bed every night,hoping to see the break of dawn. While I wake up,some people don't. I'm motivated to simply make the best out of the life given.

Why Volunteering? What made you choose this Path?
Growing up as a child, I wanted to be a medical doctor. This desire emanated from the willingness to serve humanity. Life had other plans for me and I didn't end up in the medical field, so I decided to channel that energy into volunteering for humanity. 

It has been the most satisfying and heartfelt decision that I've ever made and I have never regretted it. Every volunteering tasks completed has brought only smiles, fulfilment and contentment. 

I'll say passion. I'm very passionate about volunteering. It connects you with people, brings you to their level to understand their plight.  

I've always wished the world could be a better place, where every one has equal rights and opportunities to the basic needs of life (food, clothing, shelter, good standard of living etc). 

So instead of being at one spot wishing, I'll rather put in some action, with collective minds to achieve the change I desire.

How long have you been a Volunteer?
I've been a Volunteer for about two (2) years now. 

How many Volunteer Projects have you worked on? And with how many NGOs?
So far I've worked on 14 Volunteer Projects. I'm officially a member of The Extreme Development Initiative but I have volunteered with other NGOs for their humanitarian projects.

How has the Journey So far been?

The Journey had been quite an experience. It has taught me a lot about self control and human relationship. I've experienced the variation of human nature, gotten pissed and frustrated at some point especially when I remember that I'm not being paid for the stress, this is also where my passion comes in. It keeps me focused and removes every sense of entitlement. 

It's been a wonderful journey and a character molding one I must say.

What are some of the Challenges you've faced as a Volunteer?

I've had to face many challengesin the course of volunteering but there are three (3) notable ones
Monetary Issues: It's not a paid job, so I have to constantly make sacrifices of energy, cash and time, even when I'm on short on them.
Handling people: Humans are very difficult to control, I constantly bear that on mind to avoid being upset. 
Security: Most communities are unsafe. One has to be courageous to work with the
locals to avoid pitfalls while carrying out projects.  

So how have you been able to overcome them?

On the money issue, I just keep doing it because I live it and I want to make the best out of it.
▪When dealing with people, I try to be as cheerful as I can, very humble and I don't take things to heart.
▪On the issue of security, I familiarize with the locals, study them, get to know their dos and donts then work with them.

What Project has Inspired you the Most?
That would be  'The Pad Her Campaign' by The Extreme Development Initiatives. As popular as sanitary napkins have become, it will shock you to know that very little percentage of girls can afford to use one after each.

Aside from being A Humanitarian, What do your Future Aims?

I'm aiming for a good life, one in which I'll have multiple streams of income, so that I can contribute to the society and also, to work for the United Nations in achieving SDGs.

Sonia during The Pad Her Campaign

What advice would you give to someone starting out on this path?

My advice would be "treat others how you want to be treated". It will guide you in handling any hassles you may encounter and make you empathetic towards people.

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