Life Update: End of 2019 + Five Reasons why You should be Grateful for this Year

Hello Lovelies. So today is Day 365/365. Just like that He has brought us this far.

I have some questions for you and they are very simple: How are you leaving 2019? Are you leaving with GRATEFUL heart or not?

I know some people are really excited and want to be in 2020 already, because 2019 favoured them and their mindset is that 2020 will be a better year.

In the same way for others, 2019 hasn't been the best year. In the midst of happiness, death came and took their loved ones, for others they lost something valuable and for others their expectations were cut short due to unforseen circumstances that occurred along the way.

But in all things we have to give thanks. The Scripture in 1Thessalonians 5:18 says "In every thing give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you" .

If you're still not convinced on why you should be grateful, Here are Top 5 Reasons why You should be:

1. Good Health: That you're alive whole and hearty is enough reason to be grateful for. Even if your health isn't great at this point, there's a possibility it would have been worse. So be grateful 

2. Your Parents: The fact that God used them to give you life you have to thank God for them. Even if you've lost a parent or both (I know it's not an easy loss to bear ) you still have to be grateful. 

3. Good Friends: People often take this for granted. I've had my share of bad friends and I do not take the few good friends I have for granted. That you have a friend who wants to see you grow And be happy, be grateful. People have had friends who led them to their early graves or put them in deep trouble which they are yet to recover from.

4. Having a Home: Whether it's a mansion, an apartment or a tent, having a place you can call home is enough to be grateful for. 

5. Breathing Fresh Air: Another thing we take for granted. A few years back I visited a Teaching Hospital and I saw pre-maturely born babies breathing through oxygen pipes. It broke my heart to see them go through such but it increased my gratitude level. 
Your ability to breathe in and out shouldn't be taken for granted so be grateful 

So to answer the question I asked:
First of all, I'm leaving 2019 in a Stylish manner,  with grace and dignity. 
Then Secondly, I'm leaving with a Heart filled with Gratitude.

 The year may not have been the best year but it served it's purpose. I graduated from college this year, barely a week after I lost my Grand mother. It was a bitter sweet year but I'm grateful despite all that has happened. 

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