Places to Visit + A Review on Tinapa Lakeside Hotel

Hello there readers, I said I'd make a review on Tinapa Lakeside Hotel. 
  Here it is 
     The Hotel is located in the Heart of the Resort. It's lobby is African themed. The restaurant has a great view overlooking the Lake. The place is serene but it's not what it used to be.
   Sadly, There was no cook as at the time I went there. The restaurant rug was damp and I saw rodents!! Jeez!!  The Lobby is a chaos of old furniture and old rugs. The elevators aren't working. Even the air conditioning.
  I mean. I didn't enjoy my short visit to the hotel at all.
   In conclusion, the place needs to be revived. 

Location: Tinapa Resort
Ambiance : 7/10
Customer service : 7/10


  1. Too beautiful to be wasted ....Keep Lakeside hotel alive


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